After the F1 wraps, guests and drivers alike don’t head home and turn on Netflix. For most, getting out of that track is just the beginning of a night of a lavish celebrations, dozens of after-parties, cocktails and designers fetes. Given the unwieldy nature of most F1 looks that are biker jackets and bombers – imagine dancing on a tabletop in that nylon jacket – so outfit change is usually order. Amidst all that chaos, if there’s one place that perhaps give you the comfort of letting loose at a party is the Amber Lounge. All dazzle and no paparazzi at its best.
The most enticing after-party of all time adheres to a relaxed philosophy. You should be able to move, breathe and most importantly dance without the fear of compromising the public image or people taking unnecessary photographs. Well, Amber Lounge has been that hiding place for most in Monaco, Abu Dhabi or Singapore and it has made its entrance in the Doha market this season of FIFA to extend its chic hospitality for players and A-listers alike.
Jeannette Tan, Group Managing Director at Amber X and Amber Lounge, speaks to Gulf Times in a conversation about this new pop up in the country that is set to welcome the guests from November 27 onwards. Jeannette recently came on board as Group Managing Director of Amber X / Amber Lounge in May 2022. Formerly an Intellectual Property and Technology lawyer for over 13 years, Jeannette pivoted in October 2014 to start her own luxe lifestyle events management company, Imaginoire, based in Singapore. With over 8 years of experience in producing and managing luxury events, Jeannette’s passion lies in creating glamorous, sophisticated event and entertainment concepts with an edge, transforming spaces and bringing people and communities together through boldly creative and unique memorable experiences. Imaginoire events, whether large-scale or intimate, are for major global corporations, luxury brands and HNW private clients alike.
Jeannette has produced numerous large scale events for big tech companies including Facebook, Google and Zilingo. She also created and produced "Boudoir Noire", Singapore’s first ultra-luxe Formula 1 race VIP after-party experience to feature a fully licensed pop-up of New York and London's famed theatre of varieties “The Box” and other world-class burlesque/cabaret–themed entertainment acts. She also organised “Boudoir Blanc”, a subsequent edition of the flagship F1 weekend VIP after-party experience, in 2017. Other event highlights include the launch of global luxe nightlife brand 1Oak's Maldives outpost at Finolhu Maldives resort in Baa Atoll, as well as the Ferrari Owners' Club Singapore 16th year anniversary party and SG50 SEA Games celebration.
Amber Lounge will make a month-long debut appearance from 27 November to 18 December taking over the palatial Le Royal Meridien hotel. Guests will be transported on a multi-sensorial journey, featuring international artistes, and exhilarating world-class entertainment including theatrical cabaret and cirque-themed performances while being immersed in another level of indulgence.

Tell us about Amber Lounge?
A: Amber Lounge is the original and world’s most exclusive VIP Lifestyle events and hospitality business that follows the world’s most prestigious sporting and high-profile social events around the globe. From Europe to Asia, from Latin America to the Middle East this is where the international jet-set, royalty, film stars and the Formula One fraternity enjoy exquisite cuisine, heart-racing live immersive entertainment performances and electrifying DJ sets.

Has Amber Lounge always been associated with F1?
Amber Lounge was originally created in 2003 by Sonia Irvine, sister of former F1 driver Eddie Irvine. The first event featured Maxi Jazz from Faithless playing to F1 drivers, HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and a host of other guests from Music, Film and Sport.

Why did you choose Le Royal Meridien hotel as the venue?
A: The Le Royal Meridien have been an incredible venue with its beautiful and luxurious setting, and world-class service. And the best part is it’s an amazing location, it’s only five minutes away from the finals stadium. We couldn't be better positioned. It's central and accessible. It's not completely closed off like certain areas.

What will be difference between the World Cup and F1 in terms of the Amber Lounge experience?
This is definitely our biggest and longest because, for F1, we usually do two to three nights and this will be for 22 nights.

How are you planning to differentiate each night? Because each night is meant to be a special experience at the Amber Lounge.
So, we've got performance artists that we have flying in and it's not just DJs. We also have different DJ talents, three Grammy award winners, namely, Lil Jon, Jazzy Jeff and Basement Jaxx. They're performing on different nights. But we also have performance artists who will be part of these beautiful shows we curate, that consist of things like a little bit of cabaret, a little bit of acrobatics and so on. It's something that we call an immersive entertainment concept. It's something that I'm bringing to the brand. In the past, parties have been very heavily focused on DJ music, so now we're focusing more on curating an experience. Every night, we'll have a different theme and a different feel. It's not going to be the same.

How can you book a visit to the Amber Lounge?
You can book directly on the website If you are looking for one of our exclusive suite experiences, we have private suites that can be curtained. For the local market especially that is great. However, if you want to make a booking you can do so directly through the website or email us. Our email is [email protected] or [email protected]

How do you choose the artist? Is it based on their nationality or the Qatari taste or any other factors?
Those are of course factors we consider. We also consider the availability of an artist at any given time. There are some artists that we have worked with before, for example, Fatman Scoop who was with us in Singapore. Another example is DJ Ono has actually been a regular DJ for us. He's a part of the Bangkok invaders and we've worked with them for quite a few events, so it depends.

How did the artist duo Le Twins get associated with Amber Lounge?
The twins just came to party at the Amber Lounge along with from the Black-Eyed Peas. We just asked them if they would like to DJ at our next event and they said, "sure." It's very organic. We kind of become the home where F1 drivers and team members, celebrity guests, etc. they find their way to Amber Lounge because they know they can feel at home here.

This is your first World Cup experience?
Yes and hopefully not our last. We want to be one of the world's most exclusive after-parties and we want to link ourselves to premier sporting events. F1 has been our core till now but now we are foraying into the World Cup and hopefully will be able to build long-lasting relationships and experiences.

Do you have any ticketing partners?
You can book directly on the website. Except for the Suites, for which you have to inquire about the pricing.
Also, the Amber lounge is unique because I don't think there is another VIP lounge concept. This is the first and the biggest in this region. So, as I said, we attract F1 drivers after the races, we have a girls night out and so on. So, we're going to set up something similar for the World Cup.

Do you face any difficulties due to restrictions on dress code and so on here?
We are taking into consideration the culture of Qatar. However, it is up to the people attending to come as they wish.

Are Qatari ladies allowed to attend the parties or only the men?
We don't have any set gender restrictions. We will keep it open and as long as we are in keeping with the local regulations and laws, we shouldn't have a problem.

What are your plans for the future?
We're only a pop-up event but after this first foray here in Qatar, we would love to be able to explore future opportunities. The F1 coming up next year in Qatar, is our speciality. So let us hope for the best.

Event Details:
Amber Lounge
Venue: Le Royal Meridien hotel
Dates: 27 November to 18 December
Timing: 9pm onwards
For more details or book tickets please visit: Amber Lounge Qatar - Doha 2022 | Amber Lounge (
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