Mowasalat (Karwa), Qatar's official transport service provider, has recorded a significant growth in its operations during the first six days of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with an increase in the number of users of its multiple sized buses, which transported about 940,513 passengers during the period Nov 20-25. The increase reflects the success of the company's operational plans and its advanced preparations for the World Cup Qatar 2022, as well as its ability to ensure smooth and easy mobility of the international football fans, citizens, residents and others between various destinations and throughout its nationwide stations network.
Also, this increase, indicates the effectiveness and success of the solutions in finding a fundamental solution to the challenges of the public transport, through the provision of a sustainable means for individuals, which contributes to accelerating the pace of the comprehensive development at different phases, considering the essential role of the transportation sector in supporting the progress of the national economy.
The passengers' transport traffic through Karwa fleet of buses has grown visibly, aided by the increased numbers of visitors and the football fans arriving in Qatar's capital Doha. The various stations have witnessed a very high passengers' turnout, coupled by an increased demand for bus services. The daily statistics confirm the success of Karwa in operating its bus fleet and doubling up its capacity by extending the working hours, to be 24/7, in addition increasing maintenance teams, to provide a rapid response, when necessary, as well as the provision of the regular and preventive maintenance on time, in order to ensure the safety and readiness of buses and to ensure reliable and regular flow of the services throughout the tournament.
Karwa reported that its buses transported around 118,805 passengers on the opening day of the tournament on November 20, and deployed 2,787 buses to all destinations and stations, while on Monday, November 21, the total number of users jumped to 123,906 passengers, who were transported by 2,354 buses.
The company invites the World Cup fans to take advantage of the Stadium Express bus service, available at the main bus hubs, as well as advance trip planning to provide sufficient time to move around.
Karwa stressed that its operations continue daily with the highest standards of efficiency, with all its buses undergoing 24/7 maintenance, to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and to ensure their transportation to various destinations and fans zones. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport said 9,089 public bus trips transported 192,795 passengers on November 25, using 3,227 buses.

903 aircraft movements on Friday
The Doha Metro and Lusail Tram together carried 720,584 passengers on Nov 25, the Ministry of Transport said. Of this, Doha Metro accounted for 692,084 passengers and Lusail Tram 28,500 users. Also, 903 aircraft movements were recorded at Hamad International Airport and Doha International Airport on Friday.
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