Qatar’s “amazing” preparations for the World Cup have caught the attention of Portugal fans and business community as they said “campaigns of criticism” against Doha are “very unfair”.
“It’s has been a privilege to see how the country prepared so well to deliver an amazing Word Cup 2022,” Forum Portugal Qatar chairman Nuno Anahory told Gulf Times.
he FIFA World Cup, for which preparations began 12 years ago, got off to a glittering start Tuesday at Al Bayt Stadium.
Forum Portugal Qatar has been at the forefront in devising a strategic communication plan for the corporate and fans of Portugal to make the registration easier for the august soccer carnival, which will conclude on December 18.
Travelling to Doha for the last 10 years, Anahory said he had the privilege of following all amazing preparations, new constructions, roads, building stadiums, sports and cultural facilities, with some works done by the Portuguese companies.
“I want to congratulate FIFA for choosing Qatar as the host for this competition. This is a unique opportunity to gather different cultures, allow people to connect, speak, know more about each other’s cultures, and enjoy amazing stadiums on this beautiful Qatar,” he said, adding several Portugal fans are waiting in the wings to reach Doha.
Portugal, which is in the H group, has its first match on Thursday against Ghana.
“We are very confident that Portugal will make an amazing campaign in this World Cup, we do have outstanding players, and buoying a strong and competitive team, of course with an extra motivation from Cristiano Ronaldo,” Anahory said.
On the campaigns against Qatar; he said from all the work that Qatar has been doing, and seeing now the readiness of all facilities “we have to say that these campaigns of criticism are very unfair, and I see that those media don’t even try to investigate on what is true and what is fake.”
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