When it comes to picking and suggesting the best festival for you to be at during this FIFA fever in Qatar, as there are countless number of events happening around, we really are spoilt for choice.
Once upon a time, generally, these festivals seemed to be split into three categories: weekends where you spent most of your time shielding your tent from raucous teenagers; dry, self-important affairs; and Glastonbury. Now, though, with a wealth of festivals springing up across the country, in celebration of FIFA 2022, there are always any number of fresh options, as well as the long-running and established events that are only going from strength to strength for this. So, dust off your wellies and head to one of its kind Arcadia Electronic Music Festival that is ongoing till December 19.
Alchemy Project Entertainment, in association with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), revealed the first line-up names for the Arcadia Electronic Music Festival and it has been eclectic. Over 150 of the most renowned global artists are firing up 3 iconic stages of Arcadia, Doha’s most anticipated electronic music festival.
This is totally another breed of festival—of one that combine dreamy setting artisanal cocktails, and of course, excellent entertainment on fire, quite literally. It’s time to add this to your bucket list whilst the celebration goes on and get a breathe of Glastonbury’s 50-tonne fire-breathing spider in the centre of it all.
Arcadia has curated a stellar lineup of music, visual art, and residences. If the prospect of seeing electroacoustic composer Maghan Jolk perform in a beautifully spare, firelit spider right in front of Ras Bu Fontas metro station isn’t enticing enough, there’s plenty of eccentric style on display, too (with a cowboy hat thrown in for good measure). This month’s lineup is as diverse as ever, with acts like psychedelic trio Oscar Akagy to electronic music pioneer Tita Lau taking the stage.
On the opening night, it felt like history. Taking to the stage as the night cooled and some revellers began howling at the blazing fire the spider spitted out, Meduza came out in what could only be described as a safari parka, which was followed Joselito was wearing cast-off T. They stood like the stoic rock'n'rollers they were: full attitude, chins out, without a care.
With finest live DJ performances to grace this sceptred isle, Arcadia is also a microcosm through which to view this part of the world at large.
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