On the first World Cup night, fans headed to Al Bayt Stadium with mixed feelings amid anticipation for the kickoff of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the first match between Qatar and Ecuador.

Fans from various nationalities headed to Al Khor city using the metro network to Lusail, and from there, they took the buses to Al Bayt Stadium, while some fans preferred to head there in their cars.

Qatari fans had made their preparations to reach Al Bayt stadium to support their national team, as cars and buses were decorated in the maroon colour of the Qatari flag, and large pictures depicting Qatari players were raised.

Upon reaching the stadium parameters, fans could see the carnivals made by fan associations of Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, and France, as well as Asian and Ecuadorian fans. The "Fan Zone" witnessed a vast presence of Qatari and Arab fans, who were keen to attend the opening ceremony of the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East and the Arab region.

The Qatari traditional sword dance "Qatari Ardha," along with folklore teams, were there to introduce the World Cup fans to the Qatari heritage amidst the presence of the various communities, who expressed their admiration of the authentic Qatari customs that represent the history of the ancestors.

In addition, the folkloric nature of the various communities' dancing teams' performances caught the fans' eye amid a carnival atmosphere, where various fascinating performances reflected their special heritage. The dancing performances came to show these communities' keenness to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar a success.

The Arab fans showed great passion in being in the parameters of the stadium and showing their traditions, contributing to this global sporting carnival, and showing support for the Qatari people, especially since they have been waiting for the start of this tournament for twelve years. In addition, various fan associations showed great support, whether within the stadium's parameters or in the stands.

Inside the stadium, the stands quickly filled up three hours before the start of the match, with all eyes awaiting the opening ceremony, with which everyone interacted in light of the expressive performances that were carried out, whether in visual creativity, games, or simulations of Qatari history.

For their part, the Qatari and resident fans sought to show their passion and support for the Qatari team in their first World Cup appearance, and the phrases varied in the stands, "We are all Annabi," "I love Qatar," and "We are with you," and these fans wanted to send a special message to the Qatari team players to double efforts and show an honourable performance for their first World Cup show up.

Although the Qatari national team was two goals behind, the Qatari fans continued their cheering in support of the players, urging them to do their best and minimise the score. The Qatari chants continued in the second half despite the state of anxiety that dominated them, but the hope was present that they could compensate and score the first goal for the Qatari team in the World Cup, and with the final whistle, the fans applauded the players and asked them to do their best in the next match.

Several Qatari fans expressed their pride in watching the Qatari national team for the first time in the World Cup, in addition to the impressive opening ceremony in Al Bayt Stadium, expressing their confidence that the Qatari national team would compensate for their coming match against Senegal next Friday at Al Thumama Stadium.

In return, several Arab fans stressed that Qatar honoured its commitment to the world and presented a wonderful opening ceremony that mixed culture, and delivered a message to the whole world "welcome everyone to the home of the World Cup."

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