Darb Al Saai stands out in Qatar's National Day celebrations through its various activities and programs that are widely popular with all segments of Qatari society.

Darb Al Saai is a place dedicated to National Day celebrations, resembling the old Qatari city. It is not a place to celebrate only, it also hosts a cultural and heritage event for all groups. The place is divided into a number of areas that embody the old life of Qataris. It aims to link the new generation to the national heritage of the State and ancestral legacy.

Under the slogan 'Our unity is the source of our strength', the State of Qatar celebrates the National Day this year at the new and permanent location of Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal Mohammed, which has been equipped with all facilities, central services and logistical equipment, on an area of 150,000 square metres. This year, Darb Al Saai will host 4500 heritage, cultural, artistic, sports and recreational activities.

The people of Qatar celebrate the National Day on Dec 18 of each year, in commemoration of the founding of the State by Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani in 1878. The activities at Darb Al Saai will go on from Nov 25 to Dec 18 2022 to enhance loyalty, belonging and pride in the Qatari identity.

Darb Al Saai was known as the path used by the 'delegates' of the Founder Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani. These delegates were entrusted with his internal and external messages and directives and were known for their loyalty, obedience, courage and cleverness to play this sensitive role in most difficult times. They performed their tasks while riding Qatari camels.

The slogan of this year's celebration was an excerpt from a speech by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani. The activities of Darb Al Saai this year aim to enhance the participation of all members of society, fans of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and visitors to the country in highlighting the history and authentic heritage of the State of Qatar.

The new location of Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal Mohammed has a high level of equipment, services and public facilities that provide comfort and safety for visitors and enhance their experience during events. Its design highlights the authentic Qatari architectural heritage in a modern and creative way.

It is also easily accessible from 3 main roads, in addition to the Doha Metro via the Green Line "Al Rayyan Station", which enhances the flow of traffic, in addition to the presence of a parking space that accommodates approximately 3,500 cars. Furthermore, it is connected to 7 main gates and 5 service gates for entry and exit, and there are main screens to broadcast events for the public.

Darb Al Saai provides visitors with events and activities that highlight Qatari culture and authentic heritage through 4500 cultural activities and 191 main events, in addition to poetry and musical activities, literary, intellectual and artistic seminars, exhibitions and competitions, two museums, traditional crafts and games, and workshops.

Visitors await a rich set of cultural events, literary and intellectual seminars, poetry evenings, concerts, literary forums, theatrical performances, exhibitions and art workshops, as well as educational and cultural activities for adults and children.

Theatre is an important pillar of cultural activities in Darb Al Saai. It can accommodate about 350 spectators for literary, intellectual and cultural seminars, and theatrical performances, poetry evenings and concerts. The theatre will host 46 cultural and artistic activities daily.

The Al Bidda event, which is held in Darb Al Saai, documents the Qatari marine heritage. Al Bidda area is the old neighbourhood adjacent to the sea. It usually attracts the public because of Al-Bidda's deep Qatari heritage that reflects the feelings of affinity and compassion that united the people of this area. Al Bidda includes the Majlis, Bait Al Mutawa (house of religious scholar), the traditional Café, Majlis Al Nokhatha (house of dhow captain), Al Nahham, and Akkas Al Freej (the neighbourhood photographer), in addition to traditional folk games and cultural competitions.

Al Hosh (the yard) event represents an authentic aspect of Qatari people's lives. It was the daily outlet for the family and children and the location of many family activities.

The event provides visitors with more than 20 recreational activities, as well as an opportunity to take photos of the Qatari Majlis and traditional furniture and equipment used in the house.

The planting event introduces the basics of planting in nurseries, teaches how to place seeds and prune trees. It also introduces different types of local trees and provides a wide range of interesting and useful workshops on making kohl, shaping clay by hand, weaving with palm fronds, in addition to aromatic scents workshops and botanical arts.

The Al Shaqab area targets visitors of all age groups. Its importance lies in its diverse activities and events that satisfy all tastes, such as horse shows, horse and carriage rides, as well as heritage shows.

Al Shaqab's event allows visitors to get acquainted with the Qatari heritage in terms of breeding, taming and various uses of Arabian horses in ancient times. This year's event also aims to engage women by providing them with a special place to ride horses and learn about the characteristics of Arabian horses.

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