The Shura Council office held a meeting Wednesday under the Chairmanship of HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah al-Ghanim.
The meeting discussed the items listed on the agenda of the office, and adopted the agenda for the next session. During the meeting, the Council's office denounced the stance of the Speaker of the Arab Parliament and his insistence not to condemn the malicious campaigns against Qatar hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, despite the support shown by the majority of Arab Parliament members and their agreement to issue a statement in this regard.
The Council's office also expressed its utter dissatisfaction with this unfriendly stance that contradicts the principles upon which the parliament was established, and which serves foreign agendas that are not in the interest of the Arab peoples. In this context, the Council's office applauded the stances of several regional and international parliamentary organisations and unions, such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States, and the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, which all came in support of Qatar's hosting of the tournament.
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