With science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM) at the forefront of progressive education, learners across Qatar Foundation (QF) add elements of personal expression, empathy, meaning-making, and purpose to learning.
The human element to transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary instruction is showcased by the D'reesha Performing Arts Festival, which – launched by QF last year – is set to return in December.
In addition to featuring art and performances in a variety of forms, QF is adopting a multidisciplinary approach to combine science, research, education, and community in a STEM-focused segment, titled 'D’reesha of Invention'.
“Science, technology, engineering and math integration into art gives youth the option to make connections between concepts and solving problems in new and exciting ways,” said Ameera al-Aji, community arts lead at QF.
D’reesha of Invention, sponsored by ConocoPhillips Qatar, highlights scientists, scholars, and researchers from the Arab world. Visitors will be given the opportunity to attend talks, conduct experiments, and participate in hands-on workshops, learning about inventions and contributions from around the region.
Additionally, with legacy being a key component of D’reesha of Invention, a specially developed platform launched by QF and its partners will allow the whole community to engage with content year-round, allowing for a 365-learning experience around STEAM education.
“The debates challenging the importance of STEM versus STEAM, or trying to differentiate the two, are actually a false dichotomy because incorporating the arts into traditional sciences allows students to thoroughly expand their cognitive toolbox,” said Dr Gregory John Moncada, director of Qatar Academy for Science and Technology.
At Texas A&M University at Qatar, a QF partner, Dr Aymen Elsheikh, an instructional assistant professor of English who acts as the director of the university’s STEAM initiative, together with his colleague Dr Anne Schmalstig, Instructional Assistant Professor, co-created a STEAM summer camp for high school students across Qatar.
D’reesha Performing Arts Festival will take place at Education City from December 11-17 under the theme ‘Travel and Adventure’.
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