Qatar-born producer tells a dark story in A Good Girl
May 16 2018 11:11 PM
ACTION: A scene from A Good Girl.

A Good Girl, is a dynamic new movie, produced by Siddharth Ganji, a Qatar-born alumnus of Qatar Academy School. It tells the story of a young girl who fights for her freedom after a human trafficker abducts her to sell her into sex slavery via the dark web.
Renowned in the industry for his talent and versatility as an award-winning producer, Ganji’s productions include both short and feature length films, television pilots, commercials, and over 20 well-known music videos.  He has produced several hit music videos, including Fat Chicks featuring musician Trisha Paytas (which has nearly 10 million views on YouTube) and Problematic, a 2016 music video featuring Snoop Dogg, American rapper. His projects have been featured by respected news organisations including Business Insider, Huffington Post, and Bustle.
Ganji’s latest movie builds on the success of his award-winning narrative productions such as The Love Effect (winner of the 2016 Grand Jury Prize at the Santa Monica International Film Festival and ‘Best Original Screenplay’ at the 2016 Malibu International Film Festival).
Gracine is 17, when a woman named Mary kidnaps her and attempts to break her down before selling her on the ‘dark web’. “The story sheds light on a billion-dollar international criminal industry”, says Ganji. “It’s an important one for me to tell, as my producing partner Varun Verma and I sought to spread awareness to such a grave issue using filmmaking.”
“It’s important to bring what’s unique about you to the film industry in America. It’s very competitive, and to stand out you need to understand both where you come from, and be able to tell a universal story that’s also specific and therefore special”, says Verma. “We partnered with — an NGO which mobilises models to fight the exploitation and violence against women and girls internationally.
Ganji takes inspiration from one of his ideals James Cameron, “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” This strategy paid off after acceptance to top seven film school Chapman University’s competitive joint MFA/MBA programme in film producing. His short film One More Day starred John Heard of Home Alone fame and won a Director’s Guild of America Jury award. 
A Good Girl, directed by Chapman alumnus Alex Valencia and written by Daniel James Hunt, will be completed by July 2018, when it will enter the US and International Festival Circuit and go out for sales and distribution on platforms such as Amazon and Netflix.
Ganji and Verma are currently developing a slate of projects to go in production by end of 2018. Siddharth parents are in Qatar for last three decades and his father works for Qatar Petroleum and mother was ex-teacher of an international school.

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