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#Nambia trending on Namibian Twitter after Trump error
September 21 2017 05:35 PM
US President Donald Trump greets Namibia's President Dr. Hage Geingob before a luncheon with African leaders in New York on Wednesday.


"Where's Nambia" was the question puzzled Namibians were asking on Thursday after hearing the news that US President Donald Trump had scrambled the southern African country's name.
There was much mirth on social media in Namibia and internationally as users took to Twitter to make fun of Trump's faux pas at a lunch with African leaders in New York on Wednesday.
"Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient," he told the luncheon, though it was unclear whether he meant Gambia, Zambia, or Namibia.
With #Nambia trending, one Namibian Twitter user quipped that Trump had created a whole new nation.
"A country in global south created in September 2017 through the 'divine' act of speech ... and Trump said 'Let there be #Nambia'", Jerry Elago wrote.
Then, in a follow-up tweet, referencing another instance of Trumpian misspeak: "I'm actually offended by this... this is unacceptable. This is not #Covfefe, at all."
Sanjay Korteweg ,an Asian expatriate living in Namibia, said he simply felt lost.
"Did I make a terrible mistake by moving to #Namibia when all along I should have been in #Nambia?," he wrote on Twitter. 
Even the the youth wing of the ruling party Swapo got in on the fun, using the US leader's mistake as a way to promote tourism to the former German colony.
"#Namibia is way cooler than #Nambia. Book your flights with @airnamibia1 and find out just how cool. #VisitNamibia" they tweeted.
One of the country's leading newpapers, The Namibian Sun, posted a picture of Trump shaking hands with Namibian President Hage Geingob on its Facebook page, asking readers: "Caption this!"

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