Locally developed app promotes Qatar economy
August 19 2017 12:16 AM
Tarek Seaman

The recent economic and political developments - with some countries severing ties with Qatar- have opened numerous opportunities for Qatari business houses and residents, an entrepreneur has said.
Tarek Seaman, CEO of Living Interiors has a very positive attitude towards the new circumstances, businesses have found themselves in. 
Recently, Living Interiors joined Qatari business development platform Lagyy for the purpose of digitalising the product data base and showcasing their products to the Qatari market. Lagyy is a 100% Qatari developed mobile application to be internationally launched soon.
Seaman feels that the new situation has brought some challenges, mostly related to logistics, but also a number of opportunities for the ones who carefully listen to the market’s whispering.
Seaman said, “Lagyy mobile application comes at the right time to support Qatar economy and thus support local businesses involved in the home building and furnishing materials. The good thing is that it showcases only products available in Qatar and this is what we see as the advantage. By browsing Lagyy and potentially buying products showcased in the app, actually we would all be contributing to the development of Qatar economy.”
“A number of Qatar residents were shopping for products and services online or from other GCC countries, although a number of branded products purchased online are available with local dealers. Now the situation is different; Qataris are more open to supporting locally owned businesses and support the growth of Qatar economy. Any country with such approach surely would contribute to its own economic stability, as the investments would not sit in the stock, but actually be payable,” explained the official.
Khalid al-Mohannadi, the developer of the application, Lagyy noted, “Based on a study, we found that 18-25% of locals in Qatar buy their furniture from outside Qatar as they were not aware what the local market is offering. Laggy will minimise this challenge by giving a wider access to the products in the local market as most products in the market are featured on our mobile application. This will help the local market and build better opportunities for both the sellers and buyers especially in the present conditions,” 
Lagyy contributes in supporting and promoting local products and companies, to sell building materials and  products, furniture and home related services such as design, cleaning, maintenance and others. It is supported by the Ministry of Transport and  Communications.

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