Lebanese hold rally to condemn Qatar siege
July 17 2017 01:40 AM
Qatar resident Rehan Quereshi (left) and his friend Duncan Goga hoisted Qatar’s flag atop Mt Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, on Friday to express solidarity with the country against its illegal blockade by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. The Indian national, who is head of product planning at Qatar Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & Distribution Company - Muntajat, reached the 5,642m summit after a climb of eight days braving treacherous weather. “Qatar is home to me probably more than India is. I have been living in Qatar for 29 years and it baffles me this beautiful country has been singled out for causing unrest in the Middle East. Hope this effort and message reaches wide and far to create awareness...” Quereshi said in his Facebook post.


Dozens of people in Lebanon held a pause solidarity with the State of Qatar in the capital, to condemn what the country is being subjected to from a number of GCC countries.
The participants in the pause called for lifting the siege off the State of Qatar, highlighting its distinguished role in the Arab and Islamic world.
They also highlighted the job opportunities it provides to many Lebanese.
They lifted the Qatari and Lebanese flags, as well as placards that highlighted Qatar’s humanitarian efforts in aiding Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
They also lifted other placards that call on the siege countries to retract their positions and re-establish cohesion and brotherhood.
There were other signs that expressed gratitude to the State of Qatar for helping Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
Mohamed al-Haysan said in a speech that the day was one for loyalty and gratitude, one that they made to acknowledge what the State of Qatar’s government and people gave to help Syrian refugees.
He added that the State of Qatar provided aid to people displaced by a vicious war.
He added that Qatar was there for the Lebanese people during difficult times, providing them with job opportunities in massive projects and in turn they are now standing by Doha.
He expressed his hope that the siege against the State of Qatar will be lifted.
He added that today’s pause reflected Arab and Islamic sentiment, stressing that the State of Qatar gave a lot to the Arab and Islamic worlds with no return and so the siege must be lifted.

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