No association?
April 09 2017 09:52 PM
BAD MEMORY? Hrithik Roshan has denied knowing Angela Krislinzki, despite her Instagram account having selfies with him.

Once bitten, twice shy or a serial controversial person over women he refutes having any association with? Hrithik Roshan has found himself in the midst of a small controversy. Nothing as damaging as the Kangana Ranaut one but with similar overtones. 
It must be remembered that in the Kangana imbroglio, she had accused him of being revengeful after an alleged romantic relationship between the two had soured up. Hrithik said the relationship was entirely a fiction of Kangana’s imagination. And the rest is Bollywood gossip history with sly charges and counter charges in the media until a peace of sorts was called. 
What he is involved in this time is nothing like that except for the fact that when an aspiring actress said in an interview that he was her mentor, he publicly denied it. The woman in question was Angela Krislinzki, a foreign model testing her luck in the Hindi film scene. In an interview with a newspaper she claimed to have shot for two commercials along with Hrithik and said that he had mentored her. 
She also said that she had had a crush on Hrithik and that they chatted about stuff like Spain, since she was part-Spanish. She added that when she shot for the second commercial, he remembered her much to her surprise and they hit it off well, with him giving tips on her career. The report added that Hrithik might now even cast her in a movie with him. It didn’t quote her on that but she does say that she keeps him updated about her work and that he is a mentor. 
And then Hrithik himself put a screenshot of the article on Twitter with the tweet, ‘My dear lady, who are you and why are u lying.’ 
This was a rather cruel thing to do even if the actress had been trying to make some easy publicity. It is part of the media game to cook up such stories and is not happening for the first time. Usually big stars ignore it. But, in this case, some people went to her Instagram account and found a number of selfies of her together with Hrithik. So obviously they had met, even if Hrithik didn’t remember her. It set off another round of speculation over whether he was doing the same to her as in the Kangana issue. 
On the other hand, movie stars take selfies all the time with strangers and it really does not indicate any acquaintance.

No humour there 

Kapil Sharma made one movie, a comedy called Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, which was a decent hit in 2015 but no other movie of his has followed since then. And the reason is that he is among the few in India who do not need Bollywood to improve their brand image. 
In fact, a lot of Bollywood is still dependent on him because his show, Comedy Nights With Kapil, is one of the most popular on the TV. An indication of his standing came when he was featured in the last episode of Karan Johar’s chat show, where he only invites the elite of Bollywood. 
But Kapil is in trouble now. His show features a number of comedians who are also responsible for its success. Sometime back Kapil had a spat with one of them during a flight and allegedly beat him in public. Since then there has been a mutiny of sorts in his team with many refusing to come to shoot with him. They are also reportedly going to host a new show. 
All this makes Kapil’s own position precarious. His show’s ratings have dropped and he has been desperately trying to woo them back, even making public apologies to the person he manhandled. But they are not willing. Kapil has been trying to use other comedians but apparently the mood in the sets is lacklustre and he himself wears a despondent look.

No reconciliation

Karan Johar and Kajol are not on speaking terms anymore. Karan himself has said so. Kajol’s husband Ajay Devgn has also said that there is a rift and even accused him of badmouthing Kajol behind her back, which led to him shouting at Karan. 
Kajol however has not commented on it. When Karan became the father of twins through surrogacy, more or less the entire industry congratulated him and went to see the new entrants in his life. 
It might have been a good occasion to break the ice between Kajol and Karan. She was asked in an interview whether she had any plans to go see the babies. But Kajol refused to be drawn into the subject and said that she would say nothing on the subject. 
Kajol meanwhile is staging a comeback of sorts but not in Bollywood. She is doing a Tamil movie that is being directed by Rajnikanth’s daughter Soundarya. Otherwise, the person one had to credit for Kajol repeatedly being seen on the big screen over the last decade was Karan who unfailingly had a role for her in his movies, even when she had decided to put her career on the backburner and be a full time mother.

Special guest

The Salman Khan family went on a Maldives holiday to celebrate the first birthday of his sister’s son. And the trip also probably outed the relationship between Salman and Iulia Vantur. They have obviously been silent and refused to confirm it. 
Even when asked directly, Iulia has cited privacy, disapproving of the media’s propensity to read too much into things and speculate. In any case, Iulia, who would discreetly stay away from family photos, was at the centre standing next to Salman in one photo that was shot in Maldives and was posted online. 
She is now singing in a new music video of Himesh Reshamayya, who is also known to be a close Salman confidante. But there is also gossip that Iulia is not comfortable with Katrina Kaif being around Salman and that is said to the reason that Katrina wasn’t there in Maldives. But while Iulia does not comment on the relationship, she did tell a newspaper in an interview that the Khan family is beautiful and united. She finds them welcoming with on open door policy. No will dispute that. 

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