Website of Interior Ministry’s security systems dept launched
March 23 2013 10:56 PM
Senior Ministry of Interior officials at the launch of the website.
Senior Ministry of Interior officials at the launch of the website.

The Director-General of Public Security (DGPS), Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim al-Khulaifi, launched the website of the Security Systems Department (SSD) of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Thursday.
SSD director Capt Jassim Abdul Raheem Yousef al-Sayyed and other ministry officials attended the programme, which was held at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Public Security.
After the launch, Staff Maj Gen al-Khulaifi stressed the importance and role of the SSD in ensuring the safety, security and protection of those living in Qatar, with security cameras and surveillance systems working as deterrents for people who try to commit a crime or violation. He pointed out that many complicated cases have been resolved in some countries with the help of security cameras.
The police chief said the ministry would provide all possible support to the department to carry out its functions properly.
Capt Jassim al-Sayyed expressed his gratitude to the DGPS for launching the website. The SSD director gave a detailed explanation of the site and its services, stressing that the electronic window would provide assistance to all parties concerned with security cameras and surveillance systems, which was a huge step in providing a security environment that contributed to the country’s inclusive development.
“The website is an extension of the activities pursued by the department since its inception to create channels of communication with the targeted sectors, including introductory lectures and co-ordination of meetings, as well as through direct telephone lines,” the director said, adding that the development was in keeping with the efforts of all ministry departments to establish communication via electronic channels to facilitate quick and proficient services and achieve the highest levels of professional performance.
The SSD was established in August 2011 in accordance with a decision of the Minister of State for Interior Affairs to implement the law on regulation of security surveillance systems/cameras across Qatar and state enterprises, and carry out the tasks and duties related to management, control and supervision of security systems in all facilities of the country and vital enterprises.
The functions of the department include deciding the locations, numbers and points for installation of security surveillance devices and cameras in public places in the country as well as in state enterprises.
The department also specifies the technical specifications for cameras and security surveillance devices, besides identifying facilities and places that must be linked to the National Command Centre (NCC).
The department confirms specifications and security requirements to be met in the security control room of state facilities and institutions.
In light of these terms of reference, the department provides a number of services - such as permit certificate and compliance certificate - for security surveillance devices and systems after verification of compliance with required specifications.
The department prepares and decides on tenders to implement projects involving cameras and security surveillance devices in public places across the country.
It is also entitled to grant licences for companies that work in the field of installing and maintaining cameras and security surveillance devices, in co-ordination with the authorities concerned.
Besides, the department grants licences to import cameras and security surveillance devices into the country.
The website,, includes details of the department, its functions, subdivisions, organisational structure and services offered.
Clients can download different types of forms required to apply for services of the department from the website, such as company registration and commercial activity addition form, security surveillance system design approval form, inspection and approve security surveillance system form, custom shipment clearance of camera and CCTV devices form, addition of technical staff form and addition of product form.
The website also includes general specifications required for CCTV cameras.

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