Nominations for Qatar Football Association Elections announced

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Nominations for Qatar Football Association Elections announced
10:24 PM

Doha: Qatar Football Association’s (QFA) electoral committee announced the nominations for presidency and Executive Committee membership after a Legal Directorate meeting yesterday.

The Electoral Committee had met on Tuesday at the QFA’s headquarters in Al Bidda Tower. The meeting was attended by the committee chairman Abdulla Hamed al-Mulla, vice chairman Dr Ahmed al-Emadi, and committee member Ali Salem Afifa. Dr Mahmoud al-Mahmoud and Eid al-Muraikhi could not attend the committee meeting as both were out of the country.

Committee chairman al-Mulla said: “All nomination files and papers were thoroughly examined. There were some comments on some nomination files which is why we had to consult the Legal Directorate of QFA to ensure that the election process is run in a fair manner. All election regulations are implemented on all 7 nominees.”

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Thani has been nominated to run for presidency. The candidates for Executive Committees membership are Ibrahim Khalil al-Mohannadi (Lekhwiya), Ahmed Abdul Aziz al-Buainain (Qatar Sports Club), Hassan Abdullah al-Thawadi (Umm Slal), Saoud Abdul Aziz al-Mohannadi (Qatar Sports Club), Fahad Mohammed al-Kuwari (Al Sadd) and Hani Talib Balan (Qatar Stars League).

The elections will take place on October 9, 2013.

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