Hassan Yebda praises Aspetar after rehabilitation programme

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Hassan Yebda praises Aspetar after rehabilitation programme
8:32 PM

Hassan Yebda receiving treatment at Aspetar Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital.

By Sports Reporter/Doha

Algerian football star Hassan Yebda recently received treatment at Aspetar Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital following a minor knee injury recently sustained.

The athlete, who currently plays for Granada CF in Spain and the Algerian national team as a central midfielder, attended a three week long rehabilitation programme at Aspetar.

Yebda praised the hospital, “This is my first visit to Qatar, and Aspetar. I am very impressed with the treatment I have received. Not only is the equipment fantastic, but I have had an excellent team dedicated to my recuperation. I’ve had the opportunity to play in many clubs all over the world but none of them match the state-of-the-art facilities available at Aspetar.”

He continued, explaining his reasoning for choosing Aspetar, “Mr. Mohamed Raouraoua, the President of the Algerian Football Federation and a member of the Executive Committee of FIFA, recommended I received treatment from Aspetar.”

The Algerian footballer hopes that, following his treatment, he will be able to return to the game.

“Right now, my main objective is to go back on the field as soon as possible. After that, we will see what the next step is. I’m really looking forward to be with my teammates again, I really miss the camaraderie,” he said.

During his stay in the country, Yebda also attended a number of local matches, and complimented the quality of football in Qatar, “I watched Al Sadd play Al Gharafa. I also went to see an Al Kharaitiyat match, as well as a number of El Jaish games. I saw some fantastic football.”

Hassan Yebda has played in an array of Europeans leagues including France, Portugal, England, Italy and Spain, and has represented a host of international clubs.




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