Kahramaa, QSL sign partnership

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Kahramaa, QSL sign partnership HE Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmad al-Thani (left) and HE Essa bin Hilal al-Kuwari during the agreement signing ceremony.
10:13 PM


The Qatar Stars League (QSL) and Kahramaa, Qatar’s General Electricity and Water Corporation, signed a partnership agreement.

The partnership was signed formerly by HE Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmad al-Thani and HE Essa bin Hilal al-Kuwari  in a ceremony at Al Bidda Towers, Qatar’s Home of Football and headquarters for the QSL Officially formed in 2000, Kahramaa was founded to regulate and maintain the supply of water and electricity to its customers. Now, almost 13 years later, the highly conscientious company strives to provide their crucial service while benefiting the environment.

Working on projects such as an ambitious solar power venture, the company is determined to demonstrate its commitment to renewable energy and environmental issues. The agreement with the Qatar Stars League and Kahramaa has been reached as the company looks to utilise the power of football to project their message to the widest possible audience.

“We are trying to engage all stakeholders,” said al-Kuwari, President of Kharamaa. “This agreement will ask football to help Kahramaa achieve our goals. We want to communicate with all the people in Qatar about this campaign.

“We are trying to send a message outside of Qatar about our commitment to sustainability and saving the environment because we try to reduce our CO2 emissions. We are very proud that reducing our emissions is very high on our list of priorities. This is a commitment by us to the people that we will achieve our goals.

“Football is a very powerful tool and we hope it can be used to push our message. This is the idea.  We have to use this partnership as the main tool to communicate with a lot of different sectors. From young to old, everyone follows football with passion.“If you send the message during these games they will see it as something special, so we have to use that to help us. Football attracts people so when you send your message this way, we hope people will see it and respond.”

A number of initiatives will now be implemented at QSL matches and events to help Kahramaa deliver their message of protecting the environment.


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