QC supports hospital in Gaza with X-ray unit

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QC supports hospital in Gaza with X-ray unit QC officials handing over some of the donated equipment.
1:35 AM

Qatar Charity (QC) has provided urgent medical support to Al-Wafaa Gaza hospital including a mobile X-ray unit and a laboratory at a cost of QR245,000, it was announced yesterday.

The provision was made within the framework of QC’s continuous efforts to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in light of the recent aggression and in direct response to a distress call made by Gaza hospitals.

Al-Wafaa Gaza hospital was destroyed during a recent attack, resulting in patients who were receiving treatment there being transferred to a new location, which is lacking in vital equipment.

“Qatar Charity has been at the forefront of charities that responded to a humanitarian appeal circulated by the hospital in a bid to acquire funding to provide the basic requirements needed to run the hospital in its new headquarters, which is lacking the most basic medical equipment,” said Ebrahim Zainal, deputy executive director for international development and director of the Gaza Office.

Zainal explained that the equipment was donated by QC as part of the relief campaign. QC is implementing a number of interventions in the Gaza Strip, including the provision of food and pharmaceutical aid, cash and water and sanitation projects.

Wafa Charity Society executive director, Basman al-Ashi expressed his great appreciation for QC’s support for the Gaza Strip and the speed of their response in making available the immediate needs of necessary medical devices and equipment.

QC began at the start of August fixing damage to water and sanitation networks which serve a number of neighbourhoods in Gaza City, at a total cost of QR912,000. Other relief projects valued at over QR7mn have also been implemented.


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