Finnish school launched in Qatar

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Finnish school launched in Qatar Officials at the launch ceremony. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam
11:50 PM


A ceremony was held yesterday to mark the launch of Qatar-Finland International School (QFIS).

Fawzia al-Khater, director of Supreme Education Council’s Education Institute, said in a statement that QFIS is a significant addition to the country’s private schools. It also reflects SEC’s intention to diversify educational resources and options, it was observed.

She noted that the launch of the school marks a key development for the council due to the good reputation that Finnish education enjoys as well as the advanced levels attained by Finnish students in international mathematics and science exams.

Meanwhile, Hamad al-Ghali, director of the SEC’s Private Schools Office, said QFIS has joined four other “outstanding schools” in the country. These are The International School of London - Qatar, the Spanish SEK International School, Sherborne Qatar and Michael E DeBakey High School for Health Professions.

“Outstanding schools” is an initiative of the Private Schools Office. “The QFIS has now joined the list of outstanding schools in Qatar, reflecting the SEC’s efforts to provide more schooling options for students and their parents by bringing the best practices from around the world to build a high-level educational system that offers diversity and choice,” al-Ghali said at the launch ceremony.

“Qatar is fulfilling its promise to create a pioneering learning environment for citizens and residents alike. We shall always stand by our wise leadership to build a rich learning environment for further progress and prosperity. Excellence is attained only when every member of the society is working and investing in the State’s facilities and services with due dedication, especially in the education sector,” he added.

“Our aspirations have no boundaries. Our students’ excellence and hard work, together with their parents’ support, will make all these ambitions come true.”

Stressing that the SEC would continue its efforts to broaden educational options in the country by attracting the best international schools, al-Khater said the initiative is aimed at preparing students to compete for admission to the best local and international universities.

She pointed out that a number of distinguished international schools from around the world have started operating in Qatar, noting that these enjoy a global reputation in teaching quality curricula that enhance educational skills.

Regarding the selection standards for such schools to function in Qatar, al-Khater said they should have a long and proven history of success to get an international or national academic accreditation, teach the same curriculum they follow in their home country and customise this in keeping with local requirements, and other administrative criteria.

The “outstanding schools” offer internationally accredited curricula and prepare students for graduate and postgraduate studies at universities all over the world.





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