Ooredoo extends e-billing transition deadline to Aug 31

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Ooredoo extends e-billing transition deadline to Aug 31
11:25 PM


Ooredoo announced yesterday that it is extending until August 31 the deadline to transition all residential customers and small businesses in Qatar to its e-billing system as part of a company-wide effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

While customers have had the option of receiving an e-bill in the past, the recent announcement makes a mandatory move towards paperless billing and a kick-off towards the final phase of the initiative.

Ooredoo customers can sign up to receive e-bills by registering their e-mail address where a PDF version of the bill will be delivered every month. To register, customers must send the message ‘EB’ <space> e-mail ID <space> QID number to 114. Small business customers should call 800 8000 or their account manager for enquiries and registration.

Ooredoo’s e-bill service offers customers an easy-to-read PDF version of their monthly bill via e-mail or online, providing a secure way to view and compare new bills with previous ones.

With the final phase of paperless billing coming into effect, all residential and small business customers who do not register on or before August 31 will be able to view their bills only on the Ooredoo website.

Ooredoo’s paperless initiative extends beyond just customer communication as the company is also currently working on phasing out all paper-based internal communication by the end of 2014.

Environmental conservation has always been a priority for Ooredoo and is one of the pioneers in Qatar to tackle issues pertaining to e-waste management and recycling.

Other recent successful environmental campaigns included the company’s annual celebration of Earth Hour where office lights and non-essential systems are powered down to demonstrate its commitment to energy conservation.



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