AZF chief hosts guests for traditional ‘Ghabga’ dinner

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AZF chief hosts guests for traditional ‘Ghabga’ dinner The guests and hosts after the dinner.
12:13 AM

This year’s Ramadan activities brought an American football delegation to Aspire Zone in order to promote the sport in Qatar.

One of them was US National Football League (NFL) player Husain Abdulla of the Kansas City Chiefs, who was part of the team that taught children some American football skills at Aspire Dome earlier this week.

To express his thanks, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) chief executive Khalid Abdullah al-Sulaiteen welcomed the American football delegation and representatives of the American embassy in his house for the traditional “Ghabga” dinner.

At the social gathering, which is typical in the month of Ramadan, traditional Qatari food and Arabic coffee were served to guests who included members of the AZF and Aspire Academy director-general Ivan Bravo.

“This whole experience in Doha has been overwhelming for me. Everyone has been very welcoming and I hope that the popularity of American football in Qatar keeps rising. I definitely want to come back to see more,” NFL star Abdulla commented.





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