Creation Generation Project exhibition opens at W Hotel

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Creation Generation Project exhibition opens at W Hotel
10:55 PM

Art works displayed at the earlier exhibition of the Creation Generation Project.

The Qatar Museums (QM) opened yesterday the touring Creation Generation Project exhibition at the W Hotel, Doha.

An initiative inspired by the concurrent Richard Serra’s exhibitions in Qatar, the show , being held under the patronage of  QM Chairperson HE Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, will be on view until July 17. It was opened earlier in June at the Pearl-Qatar.

The QM followed the creative journey of six passionate and talented local and creative artists who were carefully picked to take part in this project. Each week before the exhibition, one of the selected artists was in the spotlight while creating a unique piece of art inspired by Richard Serra’s work, using a variety of mediums. The exhibition includes the photos of: Amira Fareed, Abdulaziz Alajail, Haya al-Thani and Mohammed Abdullah al- Dossari along with the sculptures of Abdulaziz Yousef and  Khalifa Ghaith al-Kuwari.

Commenting on this initiative, Mohammed Ali Kamal, leader of the Creation Generation Project, said: “After its huge success at the Pearl-Qatar, we are happy to be opening the same Creation Generation Project exhibition at the W Hotel, Doha,  another unusual location for exhibitions outside the museums’ four walls. Through showcasing the work of local young artists in the W hotel, we aim to target new audiences introducing them and bringing them closer to the arts and culture scene in Qatar.”

Safak Guvenc, General Manager of W Doha Hotel & Residents said: “W Doha Hotel & Residences is honoured to be working in collaboration with QM to host such an inspirational exhibition.”

Richard Serra, the most comprehensive showcase of the artist’s work in the Middle East, is open across multiple venues in Qatar. The solo show at QM Gallery coincides with the exhibition of Passage of Time, a striking curved sculpture specially conceived for AlRIWAQ DOHA exhibition space, and the unveiling of Serra’s second public commission in Qatar, East-West/West-East, an extraordinary standing-plate work spanning over a kilometre in length, and crossing the peninsula of the Brouq Nature Reserve connecting the waters of the Gulf.

Richard Serra at QM Gallery, Katara, and Richard Serra at AlRIWAQ DOHA run from April 10 to  July 6, 2014. East-West/West-East is a permanent addition to Qatar’s public art landscape.


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