Ezdan Holding employees attend training course

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Ezdan Holding employees attend training course Participants of the training programme.
9:25 PM

Fifteen employees of Ezdan Holding Group have taken part in a training course held by the group in collaboration with the General Directorate of Civil Defence (GDCD).

The course, titled “The Art of Crisis Management”, was organised in the framework of the close co-operation between the group and all community bodies - both governmental and private.

Ezdan Holding Group holds such training programmes with the aim of highlighting its eagerness to develop the skills and expertise of all its members.

The training course, which lasted five days, was conducted by Maj Hussain Aman al-Ali, assistant director of the Prevention Department of GDCD and adviser as well as chairman of the Dukhr committee for community development at Qatar Charity. Maj al-Ali is also adviser to the Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF).

The training session aimed at providing the required tools to participants to achieve success and leadership in different environments as well as to avoid crises and deal with them wisely. The course taught participants ways to hone their skills as required to enable them to cope with crises efficiently and according to scientific methods.

The course aimed at defining the concept of crisis, with Maj al-Ali introducing it as a state that requires a decision that may have negative effects on an individual or a family.

According to him, a crisis is a condition of instability or danger caused by different factors – social and economic - leading to a decisive change or loss of control over circumstances. Maj al-Ali reviewed a number of cases to explain and clarify the best ways to make good decisions to cope with a crisis.

He stressed that participation in the activities of the training session equips employees with appropriate skills and enables them to respond to all work variables in different circumstances.

Maj al-Ali praised the close co-operation between Ezdan Holding Group and GDCD for the pivotal role played by both parties in the service of society and to meet its aspirations and needs.

On his part, Ezdan Holding Group deputy CEO Nasser Mohamed al-Abdulla said: “The group is seeking to organise a number of training courses and workshops with the aim of permanently developing the skills of all employees in line with the vision of the chairman, Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani bin Abdullah al-Thani, who is always working to provide an ideal environment for all staff of the group. He continues to seek ways to develop appropriate mechanisms in line with the massive development witnessed in the Qatari market at all levels.”

Further, al-Abdulla said Ezdan Holding Group has already held a number of courses in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University for the benefit of a large segment of employees and managers of the group. They were taught leadership skills, quality of services and business management.

He said Ezdan Holding Group is keen to provide support and sponsorship to the annual conference and exhibition of the Civil Defence due to the belief that it is a vital component of contributing to the community.





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