QRC Al Khor organises talk on healthy food in schools

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QRC Al Khor organises talk on healthy food in schools QRC presents a demonstration of first aid techniques to students.
4:15 AM

The QRC Al Khor has over the past couple of months organised 12 events, which helped in enriching the life of Al Khor residents and its neighbouring areas.

A QRC health expert delivered a lecture on healthy food, titled ‘my health is in my bag,’ to parents at Al Khor Independent Boys Kindergarten. A similar lecture was given to grade-six primary students of Al-Khor Independent Boys School.

Students and teachers of Smeismah Elementary Boys School received a first aid lecture, which comprised an introduction to QRC and its non-profit services.

The branch held a lecture titled ‘women’s health’ for teachers and administrative staff of Al Thakhira Primary Girls School.

A QRC medical lecturer emphasised the importance of paying due attention to women’s health after puberty, teaching girls the habits of good nutrition, personal hygiene, and exercising, regularly visiting gynaecologists, and having regular medical

In addition, a lecture on volunteerism was held for grade-five and grade-six primary students of Al Thakhira
Independent Boys School.

The children were educated about the significance of volunteering, positive and philanthropic ideals, and the seven fundamental humanitarian principles. They were informed about what QRC does for Al Khor, and the session was concluded with Q&As and distribution of gifts.

Under the slogan ‘my school’s camp: towards distinction and creativity,’ the branch participated in an exhibition held at Al Thakhira Primary Girls School. QRC had put up a special corner, where informative literature was distributed and healthcare workers conducted free medical examinations for school’s students, teachers, and administrative staff. In the end, gifts were distributed to the participants.

In co-ordination with Al Khor Girls Centre, a religious women-only lecture titled “Injustice Turns into Darkness on the Day of Resurrection” was delivered to the members by the Islamic preacher and family consultant Sheikh Ayesh al-Qahtani.



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