Risk management workshop benefits Astad professionals

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Risk management workshop benefits Astad professionals
4:10 AM

Tafawoq, the world-class project management centre of excellence, recently held a series of risk management workshops for professionals from Astad, Qatar’s leading project managementconsultancy.

The customised courses form part of a learning agreement signed between Astad and Tafawoq, the centre established in partnership with Qatar Petroleum, Hamad bin Khalifa
University and Qatar Shell.

Through the agreement, Tafawoq is further developing the competencies of Qatar’s project management professionals and ultimately helping them deliver the country’s “extraordinary” capital investment projects.

The bespoke workshops were designed for Astad’s specific needs and delivered by a group of world-class project management professionals to ensure continued investment in the professional development of these project managers.

“The success of the Best Practice Risk Management Workshop with Astad demonstrates Tafawoq’s value beyond the energy industry,” said Saad Rashid al-Muhannadi, technical director of QP and chairman of Tafawoq’s joint steering committee. “We are confident that by nurturing project management professionals such as those at Astad, we will drive Qatar’s extraordinary capital investment projects.”

More than 60 employees from Astad participated in four sessions, gaining a wide range of relevant and applicable risk management skills that were later applied to a real Astad case study. Prior to moving to the next level, the participants were required to pass the Association of Project Management project risk management level 1 exam.

Ali bin Nasser al-Khalifa, CEO of Astad, said: “The skill set our employees have acquired as a result of Tafawoq’s risk management sessions will strengthen Astad’s project management consultancy services for complex and challenging infrastructure and building projects here in Qatar.”

The participants from Astad had positive comments to share about the course.

Ahmad al-Anbari, a project engineer, said: “The course has assisted us in applying risk management to our projects in an organised structured manner. The quality of the course as a whole was excellent.”

Another participant, project manager Mohamed al-Marzouqi said the course was a good first step in risk management and also helped them look at a risk as an opportunity rather than a threat only.

Tafawoq is currently working on developing and organising the next level of risk management workshop for Astad, which will be delivered at the end of 2014.  

Tafawoq holds a number of project management sessions throughout the year.

Most recently, it hosted the Applying Project Control course. Thirteen individuals from Qatar Petroleum, Kuwait Oil Company and Ooredoo completed the course

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