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Filling up fuel tanks raises risk of car fires, say experts

Residents have denied that the practice of keeping the fuel tanks of vehicles full causes fires in cars during the summer, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.

Reports of people being warned against filling their car tanks to the full coincide with recent cases of vehicles catching fire in Doha, the report states.

Many residents have pointed out that a majority of motorists fill up their tanks and a few mishaps do not prove that this is the reason behind vehicles catching fire. Instead, they attribute such incidents to neglect by motorists, according to the report.

Some have argued that keeping objects such as cigarette lighters or perfume bottles inside cars for a long time under the sun could also cause fires.

Meanwhile, a citizen said throwing cigarette stubs carelessly was another factor, the report further states.

Some experts, however, said the reasons for cars catching fire were negligence and improper maintenance as well as filling up fuel tanks, which raised the risk level, the report adds.


Contractor held
for flouting waste
disposal rules


he Al Rayyan Municipality has caught a contractor who used to burn waste at the worksite to avoid transporting the same to the specified dumping sites, local Arabic daily Al Sharq has reported.

This constitutes a violation of the law, which has been published by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning on Twitter, report states.

According to the ministry, contractors are required by the law to remove waste and debris by truck and dispose of them at specified dumping sites.

Contractors should abide by the instructions of the municipality and Ministry of Environment regarding waste disposal and also keep, at the worksite, records of loading and disposal of waste as required by the law, the report adds.


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