Aspetar relaunching Beat the Heat campaign

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Aspetar relaunching Beat the Heat campaign
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As temperatures soar across the Gulf region, Aspetar is re-launching its Beat the Heat campaign in a bid to keep everyone healthy, happy and active over the summer.

Put together by a team of experts from the leading sports medicine hospital, the four-month initiative is aimed at encouraging local communities to exercise safely during the hot weather. The innovative campaign will provide important information on how to exercise during summer.

Demonstrating Aspetar’s commitment to a safety-first culture, Beat the Heat will feature comprehensive guidelines for athletes and non-athletes alike, developed using extensive scientific research.

Top tips from the campaign will be shared widely across social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and also on Aspetar’s official website.

The advice will include cutting-edge techniques for keeping hydrated during exercise and warming up carefully, as well as sensible clothing suggestions and encouragement for organisations to provide air-conditioned meeting and locker rooms, shaded areas and appropriate emergency plans.

With the Beat the Heat guidelines distributed to youth centres and sporting organisations, Aspetar hopes the campaign will enhance the knowledge of the sporting community and help reverse bad exercising habits.

Dr Khalifa al-Kuwari, director-general of Aspetar, said: “Following the huge success of the 2013 Beat the Heat campaign, Aspetar will be re-launching the initiative this year as part of our efforts to further educate people on using the correct guidelines to train and compete in the heat.

“Beat the Heat is a clear demonstration of our commitment to furthering Qatar National Vision 2030 by promoting physical activity to all members of society, regardless of age or gender.”

The Beat the Heat campaign is the latest in a series of community-focused events and programmes organised by Aspetar in recent times.        

To find out the latest Beat the Heat safe exercise tips and techniques, follow the campaign by visiting, and

The campaign will also feature on Aspetar’s official website,


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