Folk shows and songs in spotlight at Palestinian Heritage Week

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Folk shows and songs in spotlight at Palestinian Heritage Week
10:54 PM

One of the posters at the Palestinian Heritage Week being held at Katara.

The second day of the Palestinian Heritage Week, organised by Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation - in collaboration with the Palestinian Qatari Friendship Association, was marked by a variety of shows that reflect the story of the “struggling people over the ages”.
The day included an exhibition of traditional crafts highlighting the conditions and historical stages witnessed by Palestine over the ages. The exhibition concludes on April 29 and includes a live Palestinian Dabke performance, a major Palestinian tradition based on its artistic and cultural heritage.
This tradition goes back several years and involves holding hands to reflect the unity and solidarity of the people.
The day’s events also included a performance of popular songs and a fashion show of traditional Palestinian costumes.
Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara, said: “We are happy with the public’s reaction to these cultural activities and events. These efforts are aimed at transforming Katara into the Number One cultural destination in Qatar.”
The events have been attended by a number of Arab and foreign communities, including several families. Each day features a host of activities and popular, folkloric and artistic shows are being staged to reflect the heritage and culture of the Palestinian people.

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