Siwar Choir to hold annual concert on March 14

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Siwar Choir to hold annual concert on March 14 The members of Siwar Choir with al-Hudaifi and other officials.
12:03 AM

Siwar Choir of Al-Jazeera Children’s Channel is holding its annual concert on March 14 at Qatar National Convention Centre’s Theatre at 7.30pm.

The two-hour show will comprise poetry and a variety of traditional Middle Eastern songs performed by 40 Arab children, accompanied by a special appearance of the world-renowned accordionist Richard Galliano.

Siwar Choir aims to revive the Arab music heritage as well as train Qatari and Arab children to improve their singing talents under the supervision of international musicians.

Saad al-Hudaifi, acting executive general manager and the channel’s director, said the concert is a good example of Siwar Choir’s mission that aims to broaden Arab kids’ horizons by giving them the opportunity to realise the value of their rich musical legacy. “This concert will give the Choir’s members the chance to express themselves and will reflect their trust in their own talents. It will be a great chance for the participants and the audience to recognise the role of music in connecting the east and west.”

Nabih Elkhatib, Siwar Choirmaster, said the concert will showcase new talents alongside the current ones. “Moreover, the concert will present a variety of songs and solo performances in addition to many
other surprises.”

Tickets are sold at Virgin Megastore at Landmark Mall and Villaggio.

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