Security chief meets GCC traffic officials

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Security chief meets GCC traffic officials
11:00 PM

Security chief meets GCC traffic officials

HE the Director General of Public Security Staff Maj Gen Saad bin Jassim al-Khulaifi yesterday met with the chief delegates of the GCC Traffic departments and the Jordanian delegation participating in the 30th edition of the Unified Gulf Traffic Week being held in Doha. Al-Khulaifi welcomed the guests and said the traffic week was a good opportunity to exchange expertise and information to further enhance road safety. HE also praised the efforts of the GCC traffic departments. The Unified GCC Traffic Week began under the slogan “Your Safety is Our Goal,” across the country and all Gulf Co-operation Council states. The traffic week will feature a host of activities including an exhibition at Darb El-Saai yard covering workshops, educational lectures, entertainment and contests related to traffic safety as well as a seminar entitled “Your Safety is Our Goal.”


Qatar-Oman ties discussed

Oman’s deputy premier for cabinet affairs, Fahd bin Mahmoud al-Said, conferred in Muscat yesterday with Isa Saad al-Jafali al-Nuaimi , the Qatari administrative development minister who is visiting Oman. Bilateral co-operation in civil services and developing social civil service and human development were discussed at the meeting. Al-Nuaimi underlined the importance of the talks the Qatari delegation had with Sheikh Khalid bin Omar, the Omani Minister of Civil Service.


Five-year jail term for drug trafficking

The Criminal Court has sentenced a Bangladeshi national to jail for five years, after he was convicted of trading in marijuana and amphetamine abuse, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported. A fine of QR200,000 has also been imposed on the accused, the report added. The Narcotics Combating Department had received information that the accused possessed marijuana and wanted to sell it for QR2,000. A trap was laid and the man was photographed while he was trying to sell the narcotic, according to the report. The accused was captured by the police, who inspected his trouser pockets and found some amounts of the narcotic inside. Later, a laboratory examination confirmed that the two seized packs contained 56gm of marijuana. Traces of the stimulant amphetamine were also found in a sample taken from the accused, the report said.

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