Qatar Charity set to supply textbooks for Syrian students this year also

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Qatar Charity set to supply textbooks for Syrian students this year also Al-Ghamdi addressing the conference in Istanbul.
12:47 AM

Qatar Charity (QC), which printed 566,000 textbooks for Syrian students over the last year, is set to print more books during the current year in collaboration with the Syrian Commission for Education.

The announcement was made by Mohamed al-Ghamdi, QC’s executive director for international development, at a recent conference in Istanbul, to study the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

QC also announced its willingness to finance 50% of the value of any of the projects intended for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, within the framework of the work of the Federation of Societies of Relief and
Development in Lebanon.

QC has already allocated around QR14mn for the benefit of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and those displaced within Syria, in order to complete the construction of schools, support health centres and polyclinics, establish a centre for psychosocial support for refugees and meet the needs of refugee
children in Lebanon.

The book printing was part of a programme that aims to provide books for 20,000 Syrian students, supporting the education of Syrian students displaced inside Syria and those who have been forced to flee the country. The programme also includes the provision of other school supplies and support for teachers.

QC explained that the objectives of the project included the printing and distribution of a revised curriculum, working to promote the educational situation of the Syrian students, contributing to alleviating the suffering experienced by Syrian students and their families and the preservation of a generation of children and young people who might otherwise go astray.

The programme aims to cover elementary, middle and secondary school stages comprising 204 curriculum textbooks for all three stages.

It is estimated that schools need around 7mn books and 4mn have been printed so far, all according to European standards. This covers 55% of the current need for school books.

The books were delivered to Syrian students in Qatar via the Qatari consulate in Istanbul and the Syrian embassy in Qatar.

Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa al-Thani, the special envoy of the secretary- general of the League of Arab States for Humanitarian Relief, had attended the inauguration ceremony of the distribution of textbooks to refugee and displaced Syrian students at Recep Tayyip Erdogan School in the province of Antioch, in October last year, in the presence of a QC delegation and the Syrian
Commission for Education.








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