Ezdan Holding Group opens Al Shamal Compound

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Ezdan Holding Group opens Al Shamal Compound Officials at the inauguration ceremony.
11:41 PM

Ezdan Holding Group officially opened Al Shamal Compound on Tuesday evening at a ceremony attended by senior officials of the group and its subsidiaries, businessmen and VIPs.
Group CEO Ali Mohamed al-Obaidli, Group deputy CEO Nasser Mohamed al-Abdullah and general manager Dr Khalil Ayoub al-Faraj attended the event, along with a number of corporate and departmental managers of Ezdan Holding Group.
The opening ceremony featured a range of activities, including ribbon-cutting, folk music, a laser lights show and a video on the achievements of the group.
Ezdan Holding Group had earlier announced that Al Shamal Compound was available for those interested in renting residential units in it.
The complex, which is located on Al Shamal Road behind Landmark Mall, is spread over around 115,000sqm and includes 129 luxury villas, 256 apartments and a 220-room four-star hotel - the first of its kind on North Road. It also features facilities such as swimming pools, shops, nurseries, restaurants and a variety of other services for the benefit of residents.
According to a statement issued by Ezdan Holding Group, the compound boasts of a high level of finishing and quality residential units, and will mark a quantum leap in terms of the housing units available in the country’s real estate market.
Speaking on the occasion, al-Obaidli said: “The official opening of the complex is a signal to offer the residential units available at the compound to home-seekers. These units are fully-equipped and furnished according to high standards, specifications and (a) premium (level of) services.” He noted that Al Shamal Compound offers housing units at reasonable rates, which will contribute to the stabilisation of rent levels in the market.
The launch will have a significant impact on the local real estate market, the company has said, noting that the project features high-quality services that ensure the comfort of its residents. In addition, it is a first-of-its-kind project that combines residential units with long-term lease (a year or more) and a four-star hotel, which is expected to be opened during the second half of 2014.
Al-Obaidli stressed that the establishment of Al Shamal Compound in such a strategic location will provide a significant boost to the surrounding areas and contribute to the promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development of the region, especially because it includes a wide range of services and commercial complexes in addition to being situated on Al Shamal Road – a key road that leads to Doha International Airport.
Al-Obaidli said the compound is situated near renowned institutions such as Qatar University and Qatar Foundation, in addition to big malls and businesses.
On his part, al-Abdullah said Al Shamal Compound reflects the group’s strategy, which is based on non-centralisation in a particular area. He stressed that horizontal expansion is what the group is keen to implement in different parts of the country, targeting the largest possible section of the population.
He further noted that while many people think that Ezdan is developing projects only in Al Wakrah and Al Wukair, Al Shamal Compound emphasises the group’s investment strategy that is being implemented in several parts of the country.
Dr al-Faraj said Al Shamal Compound is one of the most important and biggest real estate projects of Ezdan Holding Group.
On the facilities available at Al Shamal Compound, Dr al-Faraj said it includes a special centre for children, electronic games, sports fields, ATMs and automated payment machines so as to allow residents to pay their bills and conduct financial transactions electronically. The compound also offers free shuttle services within its boundaries and coaching services in different sports.
He informed that Ezdan will provide buses to take shoppers to and from Ezdan Mall, adding that an integrated healthcare centre will be set up, where a free-of-charge resident doctor will be available for all residents, in addition to a mailbox for each unit.
The general manager said Al Shamal Compound offers a host of other vital facilities such as pool halls, gymnasium, tennis court, ballroom, mosque, a large supermarket and shaded parking lots for residents and visitors. The complex also enjoys a hi-tech safety and security system in addition to Ezdan Plus services such as organising events and celebrations, insurance, shipping, car rental, vehicle maintenance and house cleaning.

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