2014 motor show to feature 40 brands

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2014 motor show to feature 40 brands
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The Qatar International Motor Show (QMS) 2014, to be held at the Qatar National Convention Centre from February 21 to 25, will feature more than 40 brands, including motorbikes.

The event is being organised by the Qatar Tourism Authority in partnership with q.Media and leading Spanish trade and industrial show organiser Fira Barcelona International.

“The number of exhibitors will be 20% more than last year’s 34,” Ricard Zapatero, CEO, Fira Barcelona International, told reporters yesterday. The show will occupy 20,000sq m.

This is the first time the event, expected to attract about 150,000 visitors like last year, is being showcased at the QNCC. Hitherto, the Doha Exhibition Centre used to be the venue for the annual event.

Hamad Alabdan, director of Exhibitions at QTA, stressed that the QMS  “successfully combines trade and consumer interests in one of the premier events on Qatar’s events calendar”.

“Qatar, already a leading MICE destination, will see further growth in the meetings and exhibitions industry under the new strategy, which brings new focus to our efforts to develop all segments of tourism in the country,” he said.

Alabdan has expressed confidence that QMS 2014 is expected to set new records in terms of attendance and participation, especially with the inclusion of Fira Barcelona as a new q.Media partner. Fira Barcelona has a portfolio of over 70 different shows.

He pointed out that the week-long event offers visitors the chance to discover the latest technology in car manufacturing and design and provides a platform for trade professionals to come together.

Besides cars and motorbikes, the QMS 2014 will also include a talk show and a unique photo exhibit featuring some of the best images taken from different races and motor competitions.

This, Zapatero stressed, will be among the highlights of the event since many people will be seeing new developments of the sport and the different races held in many parts of the world. They will be inviting people from the engineering, piloting, and design. “It will be premiering in Doha and we will also have nice exhibition on sports cars like Ferrari”.

The five-day QMS 2014 will be open from 4pm to 10pm during weekdays. It will open starting 1pm up to 10pm during weekends. Entry is free.

Jaber al-Ansari, deputy group CEO entertainment, q. Media, added QMS also echoes important messages such as safe driving to the public.

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