Vodafone offers audio conferencing solution

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Vodafone offers audio conferencing solution
12:13 AM

Vodafone has become the first company in Qatar to offer a “cost effective and efficient” audio conferencing solution to help businesses improve their productivity.

This comes shortly following the launch of Secure Device Management, “another first” for Vodafone in Qatar.

Niraj Singh, director, Vodafone Business Services, said: “Vodafone is delighted to be the first to launch a conferencing solution with a local toll free dial-in number for businesses here in Qatar. Audio conferencing has existed for a long time in many parts of the world but to date a Qatar local toll free dial-in-number has not existed and companies have had to make an international call if they wanted to take advantage of the significant benefits that audio-conferencing can deliver.

“As Qatar’s position in the global economy grows, businesses in Qatar increasingly need to collaborate with partners around the world and work in virtual teams to make decisions and share information quickly. Audio conference from Vodafone will ultimately save any business costs, especially for those that have international operations, increase productivity and gain competitive advantage.”

More information on Vodafone’s audio conference and all of Vodafone’s other enterprise products and services can be had from www.vodafone.qa/en/business.

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