Commuting on Wukair-Mesaimeer road a nightmare

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Commuting on Wukair-Mesaimeer road a nightmare The unlit 7km stretch between Mesaimeer and Wukair.
6:00 PM

The absence of streetlights and road dividers makes driving a nightmare for commuters after sunset on the busy road connecting Wukair with Mesaimeer and surrounding areas.

The more than 7km stretch between the area housing the newly built residential compounds in Wukair and the intersection near the traffic signal in the vicinity of the expatriate schools in Mesaimeer is being used round the clock by thousands of vehicles plying from Wakrah to the Doha Industrial Area and in the
opposite direction.

Several minor as well as major crashes have been reported on the road in recent months. Some of the daily travellers said most of the accidents occurred owing to the absence of the streetlights along the stretch.

Despite heavy traffic, most drivers pass through the area at a very high speed and the trend continues even in the evenings when there is no light along the route, it is learnt.

“Because of the absence of the streetlights, many drivers are unable to see clearly the line of vehicles coming from the opposite direction and some of the drivers have reported narrow escapes from collisions in recent weeks,” said a resident in one of the new residential compounds in Wukair.

Though it has been more than three years since the road was completed, the vehicular traffic through the area increased heavily during the last one year only, especially since the opening of most of the new residential properties in Wukair and surrounding areas.

“The route is being used mainly by vehicles going to the Industrial Area, including trailers and also many others travelling to the city’s western areas,” said a bus driver, who transports workers of a construction firm twice daily through the stretch.

He said even though the road is well constructed the absence of streetlights turns it into a
big blind spot.

The number of light vehicles using the road, particularly in the evenings on Thursdays and Fridays, is very large, according to residents. With Al Wakra Hospital starting operations, many vehicles are using the road in the mornings as well, they said.

While appealing to the authorities to consider installing streetlights along the route and constructing road dividers, the residents also requested them to deploy more traffic patrol vehicles along the stretch in the evenings.

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