Al-Mazrouah Yard ‘lacking essential services’

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Al-Mazrouah Yard ‘lacking essential services’ People visiting a vegetable stall at Al-Mazrouah Yard on Thursday. PICTURE: Othman al-Samarraee
2:44 AM

Though Al-Mazrouah Yard has come as a boon to the inhabitants of the northern areas of Qatar, many have complained that the place still lacks in various essential services, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday.

Al-Mazrouah Yard, which offers locally produced fresh vegetables, was opened on December 5 for the second successive season, by HE the Minister of Environment Ahmed Amer Mohamed al-Humaidi, along with a new section for live cattle, poultry and fodder.

The main complaints are regarding the infrastructure. Residents rue the lack of well-paved access roads, marked parking lots and proper shading for the corridors and passageway.

Customers also want a clearer pricing scheme for the products on display, a cafeteria, a temporary slaughterhouse, a facility for fish cleaning and other related facilities.

“Al-Mazrouah Yard have provided much needed services for the residents of the surrounding area and spared us from a long drive to the Abu Hamour Central Market. But, it needs more improvements,” said Salman Hamad, a Qatari customer.

He summed his remarks in a need for good quality cafeteria and restaurant, a makeshift slaughterhouse and a facility for fish cleaning.

Another local, Dabit Sultan, indicated that the place offers good services at reasonable prices and its working hours are convenient to him. Yet, he voiced almost the same complaints as his compatriot.

The yard has increased the space allocated for the display of Qatari fresh products of the local farms from 22 to 32 farms this season. In addition, a new yard was introduced for the sale of locally bred birds, cattle and fish.

Further, locally produced honey, priced QR200 to 250, was introduced for sale for the first time this season, with good demand from locals.

The market, which offers products at about 30% cheaper prices than outside markets, was first started on December 27 last year. Located in Umm Salal area opposite the veterinary centre, Al Mazrouah Yard is open to the public Thursday to Saturday, from 7am to 5pm.

As many as 55 types of vegetables and fruits were displayed in the yard, including tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and leafy vegetables, Efranji lettuce, Qatari melons, strawberries, okra, green onions, and cherry tomatoes. Qatari ghee and Al Sidr honey are also among the products.

Al Mazrouh Yard was established with the support of Hassad Foods, which faced several obstacles in marketing produce from the local farms in the central vegetable market.

There are a number of farms in the vicinity of Al Mazrouah Yard.



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