GMC owners from Gulf gather in Doha to mark National Day

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GMC owners from Gulf gather in Doha to mark National Day GMC Sierras lead the motorcade.
2:20 AM

Mannai Auto Group, with the participation of over 500 GMC owners, brought together one of the largest groups of GMC vehicles ever assembled in the country to mark Qatar National Day.

There were participants from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait who came specifically to attend the event. The class-leading GMC Sierra was the star of the day with hundreds of vehicle owners attending the meet, in addition to a number of other GMC vehicles.

Vintage classic cars were also present in the convoy, with model years ranging from 1953 to 2014 participating in the event.

On the day, the GMC community took to the streets in a long convoy that travelled from Al Rayyan Stadium to Um Al Affaie and returned to the stadium.

Mohamed Helmy, group general manager, Mannai Automotive, said: “We were honoured to see many of our valued customers, especially the Sierra owners club, join us in celebrating National Day and thank everyone who participated for their valuable contributions. This includes the many officers of the Qatari police force who helped us move the convoy along the designated path on National Day Celebration Road.”

Helmy added that Mannai Auto plans to have more gatherings of customers to build stronger societal bonds between owners and the company, as well as create memorable experiences for everyone.


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