Pearl-Qatar to host kids fashion show

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Pearl-Qatar to host kids fashion show
11:57 PM

The Frozen Yogurt Factory.

The Pearl-Qatar will host today afternoon a kids fashion show at “The frozen yogurt Factory” at 18 La Croisette in Porto Arabia.

This is the first of its kind event to be staged at The Pearl-Qatar.

The five-hour event, which begins at 3pm, includes a variety of entertainment activities for children. Apart from the fashion show, face painting, nail colouring, arts and dances, and musical performances are to be held.

Leading designers have confirmed participation in the event. 

They have conceived some very trendy designs for the fashion show.

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 will walk the ramp, attired in luxurious and world-renowned brands.

“The Pearl-Qatar is the perfect place to promote the family, especially since the island has become a favorite destination for families, both from within the country and abroad,” a senior official from the United Development Company said.

A large number of fashion outlets at The Pearl-Qatar have showed their interest in participating in a unified fashion show, which aims to acquaint the people with the high-end shops on the man-made island.

“The event is also intended as a gathering for parents, children and visitors to enjoy the luxurious facilities at The Pearl-Qatar,” the official added.




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