Patriotic fervour on display at QF event

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Patriotic fervour on display at QF event Traditional sword dance at ABP celebration of Qatar’s National Day.
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Burgundy flags, the traditional Qatari sword dance and poetry were the hallmarks of Qatar Foundation’s Academic Bridge Programme (ABP) celebration of Qatar’s National Day.
The celebration was organised early so that students would have a chance to celebrate this important occasion and express their patriotism before they started their end of semester examinations, next week, and then take their winter break on December 18.
The celebrations started with an introductory welcome by ABP student Saeed bin Noora and Qur’an recitation from ABP student Ahmed Abdelwahab al-Motawa.
Moza al-Boainain, ABP assistant director for Student Services, began her comments by extending warm congratulations and blessings, on behalf of ABP to HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and the Qatari people on the occasion of the National Day.
“The National Day is a dear occasion that recurs each year in which we follow the march of the giant renaissance our country is experiencing in all fields and which made Qatar join, in record time, the ranks of the well developed countries,” she pointed out.
The event was organised by the ABP Student Services department in collaboration with the ABP Student Association and a number of enthusiastic student volunteers. Faculty, staff and ABP students flocked to experience the traditional Qatari setting. The festivities included: poetry recitation by ABP students, Suhaim al-Qurani, Faisal al-Qahtani and Thafer al-Ahbabi; a brief history of Qatar presented by ABP student Abdulla Fahad al-Thani; and the traditional Arda (sword dance) performed by ABP students.   
Among the attractions was a traditional ‘sadu’ tent furnished with traditional Qatari furniture, traditional Qatari dishes, a lady that made traditional Qatari bread and another that painted henna, as well as a number of traditional animals such as a couple of Arabian horses,  a couple of camels and a falcon.

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