DCMF chief relieved of duties

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DCMF chief relieved of duties
11:35 PM

Jan Keulen has been relieved of his duties as director of  Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) starting from November 26.
Saleh al-Shawi, DCMF director of administrative and financial affairs, informed the employees at the centre about the decision of the supervisory board to end the services of Keulen , a statement issued by the centre said.
Al-Shawi appreciated the efforts of Keulen during his tenure as DCMF director.
He further urged the employees of the centre to continue their hard work until a new director is appointed.
Al-Shawi affirmed that the DCMF is committed to its various national and international partnerships and obligations to defend the freedom of speech, according to the mission and vision of the centre.
Keulen was appointed as director in 2011.

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