Prestigious award for Torch Doha

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Prestigious award for Torch Doha
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The Torch Doha has received a ‘World’s Best International Hotel Award’ in the ‘New Hotel Construction and Design’ category from the International Hotel Awards, sponsored by EY and Virgin Atlantic.
The Torch Doha, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, is situated at the heart of Doha’s Sports City, Aspire Zone. The 5-star luxury hotel opened its doors to visitors in November 2011.
Situated 300m high and with 360° panoramic views of the Qatari capital, the hotel is the result of comprehensive architectural, engineering and technical design, formerly shaped to represent a colossal torch, which, for the duration of the 15th Asian Games in 2006, held its symbolic flame, the highest flame in the history of the games.
Torch Doha general manager Gerhard Foltin said: “We are proudly representing Qatar on the world hospitality scene. This prestigious award adds up to the hotel’s record and reinforces our commitment to innovation and service excellence.”
To obtain a World’s Best award, a hotel must first be successful competing against entrants in its own country before competing against other hotels in its region and obtaining an international nomination.  The international nominees are again evaluated and one winner declared from each category.

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