New QNRF programme launched

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New QNRF programme launched
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Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), a key constituent of Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D), has launched a new funding programme called the Post-doctoral Research Award (PDRA).

PDRA will support scholars who will work within the research institutes of QF R&D and other Qatar-based research entities, and will  focus on the four major pillars outlined in the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS).

QF R&D strives to support the development of the highest possible level of research capability in Qatar, among young Qataris and also among the best possible international candidates who can be attracted to Qatar for research training and careers.

PDRA will provide research institutions with substantial funds to pay salaries and related expenses of successfully nominated scholars.

QF R&D has several other programmes aimed at attracting young people into scientific careers and supporting their training and personal development.  

One of the most recent additions is the Graduate Research Awards programme, which focuses on supporting outstanding graduate students, from both inside and outside Qatar, to undertake graduate research-based studies towards doctoral degrees at approved institutions inside Qatar.

Dr Abdul Sattar al-Taie, executive director of QNRF, said, “PDRA is the second in a series of new programmes to be launched by QNRF this fiscal year and joins a whole host of on-going funding programmes. PDRA will be one of the mechanisms designed to attract outstanding local and international post-doctoral scholars to relocate to Qatar. It will provide them with invaluable work experience that will help them to cement their careers in research which, in turn, will support the demand for researchers at universities and research institutions in Qatar.”

PDRA will provide each successful postdoctoral scholar with a highly attractive stipend, in addition to a competitive package of benefits. Qatari nationals will receive an additional retention allowance, amounting to eight per cent of the stipend, to further encourage the growth of a high-quality, home-grown research community.   

Elaborating on the eligibility for applying to this new programme, Dr Abdulnasser al- Ansari, deputy executive director of QNRF explained, “Candidates who have earned their PhDs within the previous five years  or less , and  graduating PhD students, located inside or outside Qatar are eligible to apply for this programme. PDRA candidates must be nominated for the award by QNRF-approved local research institutions located inside Qatar.”

As part of PDRA, successful candidates will be awarded grants up to two years, with an extension of one additional year if required. They will also gain recognition for contributing socially and scientifically to Qatar’s research mission, with the potential for creating a worldwide impact on the global research community.

QNRF-approved research institutions are eligible to nominate their current and prospective postdoctoral scholars for the PDRA, which will have two award cycles per year. The programme has opened for applications from the 30th October, 2013.


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