Jungle Zone all set for entertainment

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Jungle Zone all set for entertainment Many families are expected to flock to Jungle Zone during Eid holidays.
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The Jungle Zone theme park at Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall has  upgraded its facilities and games to provide entertainment for various age categories.

“We are well prepared for the Eid festivities as we expect huge crowds. Usually, we have to put a sign that the place is full, yet people still want to go in with their children. However, our staff are highly trained to deal with children,” said Fawaz Mohamed, corporate communications executive at Hyatt Plaza.

He pointed out that all materials used in the construction of the park are fire-rated and tested by a well-known international safety company. Also, the place has an adequate number of emergency exits as well as safety officers.

In the meantime, the park has introduced a number of games for the first time in Qatar in such a facility such as the Sky venture which is a 4m aerial hanging adventure track. Asked about the risks involved in such a game, Fawaz explained that there are zero risks because all precautions have been taken. There are trainers on the site, players should be of a minimum height and they have to wear a safety gear. There are also stops and exits for them to walk out of the track anytime they get tired.

Among the unique features of the newly upgraded climate controlled park is the 7D theatre, which gives audience an amazing and thrilling experience as if they were part of the performance.

“Jungle Zone has also introduced dedicated play areas for different age categories of children. The Nest Area caters for children of around 2- 5 years old with activities to get children involved and be part of the entertainment process,” pointed out Fawaz.

“The Valley” targets children of 6- 12 years old with thrilling and higher rides. Besides, all the existing popular games and rides have been renovated to be up to the higher expectations of families in Doha. 

“It is a huge investment in the entertainment industry, hoping to offer our customers the best experience of family fun,” stressed Feroz Moideen, general manager of Jungle Zone and Hyatt Plaza.

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