LG showcases new generation IT products

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LG showcases new generation IT products LG’s Kim and Video Home’s Suleiman and Rappai are seen with other officials at the event.
2:57 AM

LG has showcased its new generation IT products at an event attended by IT dealers from across Qatar.

The major products on display were the 100 inch Laser TV – Hecto, Portable Projector, ultra wide monitors, Tab Books and Ultra books.

Hecto offers Full HD picture quality with laser light illumination for space saving home cinema, designed with sports and movie lovers in mind.

The Hecto consists of the projector unit itself, designed to sit atop a low cabinet, and an included 100-inch screen. The distance between the screen and the projector is fixed at just 22 inches.

LG has also announced a fully portable projector, small enough to fit in the same bag as a laptop, can easily be connected to a wide variety of devices and has a long lamp life. “From portable projectors to full-sized LED and 3D projectors, LG has what you need,” said C Y Kim, general manager, LG IT.

The slim and light LG Tab-Book, which weighs just 1.05kg, features a precise 5-point multi-touch screen that pops up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard.

The ‘one touch’ auto sliding design, enables users to quickly switch between tablet and notebook configurations with the touch of a button.

The Tab-Book range features the IPS (In Plane Switching) display, which delivers a premium picture with true to life colour expression and great picture clarity. The 11.6 inch screen also has a wide 178-degree viewing angle.

The range also comes with USB and HDMI ports for connectivity ease, and uses the Windows 8 Operating System. Users can select either an Intel® Core i5 (Z160) or Atom (H160) processor.

Winning a 2013 Red Dot design award, the Z360 Ultrabook is only 13.6mm thick, weighs only 1.15kg, and has a 13.3-inch Full HD screen and a third generation Intel Core processor.

“LG is currently a market leader across several product categories, and we are looking to use that reputation for quality and innovation to position ourselves as strong players in the highly competitive PC market,” said Sajid Jassim Suleiman, vice chairman and managing director of Video Home, the sole distributor of LG products in Qatar.

LG has also launched new “UltraWide” 21:9 aspect ratio LED monitors with IPS technology and designed for multitasking and gaming experience.

“Picture quality is always the number one priority when LG designs display products, but we also focus on versatility,” said C V Rappai, director and general manager of Video Home.

All the new products are now available throughout the country at major IT dealers, hypermarkets and the Jumbo retail chain.




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