Doha Bank wins prestigious award

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Doha Bank wins prestigious award Seetharaman receiving the Golden Peacock Award from Baroness Verma in London.
12:59 AM

Doha Bank has won the  prestigious Golden Peacock Global Award for sustainability 2013. Chief Executive officer of Doha Bank Group R Seetharaman received the award from the Baroness S Verma, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, Govt of UK at  the 13th International Conference on Corporate Governance & Sustainability.
This event which was hosted by Institute of Directors, India as part of London Global Convention 013 was held earlier this week at Hotel The Tower – A Guoman Hotel, London and attended by distinguished bankers, academics, environmentalists, economists, legislators and policy-makers.
On receiving the award R Seetharaman said: “This is a milestone achievement in our efforts towards sustainability. It gives us a boost to strengthen our efforts towards sustainable development. Doha Bank will continue to work on sustainable development of its stakeholders.”
The senior banker also participated in the panel discussion on “Rejuvenating economy through Sustainability”.
Speaking at the panel Seetharaman gave insights to scale up green growth solutions. “Green banking and climate change financing are the key initiatives to promote green economies. Doha Bank advocates and practices green banking, which is one of the core business philosophies that will support sustainability into the future. Banks should align lending activities with environmental cause. They should develop environmental and social risk management and expand the scope of risk management to include social and environment risk also. Public Private Partnership (PPP) models can potentially address the challenges posed by climate change and there should be policies to attract private sector investment.”
“Doha Bank maintains a well-defined environmental policy with the principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse & Re-cycle’,” he said while explaining the initiatives made by Doha Bank to support Qatar’s “Go Green Qatar” campaigns.
He recalled the seminars on global warming conducted by the bank in Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Tokyo, Nagoya, Singapore, Chennai and Mumbai.

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