Traffic personnel take part in safety course

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Traffic personnel take part in safety course Participants, partners and sponsors at the training project.
1:13 AM

Some 50 traffic personnel are taking part in a training course for highway patrols, sponsored by RasGas and conducted by experts from Northwestern University (Chicago).
The course, which was inaugurated in the Traffic Department’s auditorium yesterday morning, is being conducted as part of the joint project for highway patrols involving the National Committee for Traffic Safety and RasGas.
Traffic Department director Brigadier Mohamed Saad al-Kharji said the course, which is the first of its kind in Qatar, is aimed at preparing the first specialised batch for highway patrols. The new force will promote safe and responsible driving, he stressed.
The personnel involved in the course have been divided into two batches. Each batch will attend a one-month course and undergo theory classes and practical lessons that include special training on the application of speed limits on highways, investigation of traffic accidents as well as how to use equipment and devices required by traffic police personnel and highway patrol vehicles.
The trainees will also attend lectures, which will be delivered by specialised officers from the Traffic Department, on Qatari traffic laws, the procedure of seizing wanted vehicles, proper parking on highways and how to deal with the public during patrol missions.
“The training of the highway patrol force is in line with the corporate social responsibility programme of RasGas,” said Hamad Rashid al-Mohannadi, RasGas CEO.
The specially-qualified team will be trained to boost law enforcement in various related matters, including tailgating, use of mobile phones, overspeeding, wearing seatbelts, etc, to ensure compliance. They will be equipped with advanced accident investigation skills and techniques.
The secretary of the National Committee for Traffic Safety, Brigadier Mohamed al-Malki, said the course has been organised as part of its strategy and is the outcome of co-operation between the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and RasGas.
“The highway patrols agreement was signed in May between MoI and RasGas. It aims to keep up with the social and human development pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030 for reducing traffic accidents in general and crashes on highways in particular.
The training programme has been designed by Northwestern University, Chicago, and is an important step to promote traffic safety,” said Fahad Mohamed al-Siddeequi, director of the safety department at RasGas.

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