24 Rota volunteers on Nepal trip

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24 Rota volunteers on Nepal trip Rota volunteers at a village in Nepal.
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Reach Out To Asia (Rota), in partnership with Qatar Foundation, has sent 24 volunteers on a 10-day trip to a Rota project in Nepal that supports the role of schools in disaster risk reduction. The volunteers left Doha on September 19.
Supported by Vodafone Qatar, the trip offers a unique service opportunity for the volunteers to explore and expand their skills. Notably, Vodafone Qatar has sent several staff members on the trip, encouraging them to utilise their professional skills to help communities in need.
Working in 22 villages in Kailali district of western Nepal, the Vodafone Qatar-Rota partnership - through the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) project - has improved the lives of thousands of students and teachers in many schools since the mission started in 2010.
The Rota volunteers will participate in a focused activity programme featuring student-led activities in non-formal centres of education and deliver a series of workshops for the Nepali students. During the trip, the volunteers will also support Saraswati Primary School in Dhangardi in the far-western Kailali region of Nepal by facilitating classes for students in subjects such as art, English, Qatari culture, environmental awareness and sports.
Volunteers will assist Nepali children with local translators in the classes. There will be daily interactive sessions followed by cultural activities that focus on team-building within the local community.
“Rota’s international volunteer trips provide unique opportunities for Qatar-based volunteers to be exposed to the incredible Rota contribution around Asia and actually get involved in the hands-on work on the ground. Volunteers commit themselves to an exhausting programme of activities over the trip and, in the end, gain from an immensely rewarding and fulfilling experience,” said Rota National Programme Director Mohamed al-Saleh.
After returning from Nepal, the volunteers and supporters will be invited to a reflection event where they will come together to discuss and share their Nepal experience with others. In addition, Qatar Foundation and Rota will seek to maintain the momentum of their partnership by exploring opportunities to publicise the volunteers’ trip reflections to their peers and the wider community, as well as advocating for the needs of students in Nepal through Qatar-based activities.

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