QRC honours hotel

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QRC honours hotel Al-Muhanadi honours The Ritz-Carlton, Doha team led by Vetry.
1:44 AM

Qatar Red Crescent has honoured its strategic partner, The Ritz-Carlton, Doha for its dedication to charity work.

QRC secretary general Saleh bin Ali al-Muhanadi  received at his office a delegation from the hotel, led by Hoss Vetry, cluster general manager.

The honour was in recognition of the hotel’s efforts in the success of the International Day of Charity held at the Ritz-Carlton tent on September 5.

This day was dedicated to highlight the suffering of the families and children inside Syria and refugees in neighbouring countries, in addition to “bringing back the joy” in the hearts of Syrian children in Qatar by providing them recreational activities and games.

Al-Muhanadi stressed on the significance of having The  Ritz-Carlton, Doha as the official hospitality partner.

“We are proud of our partnership and our continued co-operation with The Ritz-Carlton, Doha in implementing our humanitarian-oriented projects and I would like to give great thanks to the hotel team who contributed greatly to the success of this event and returned joy to our Syrian children in Qatar.”

Vetry stated that the hotel was proud about its partnership with Qatar Red Crescent.

“We, at The Ritz-Carlton, Doha are eager to make a difference in the lives of less privileged people through our ‘Community Footprints’ initiatives which we consider as giving back to the community that support us. Inspiration and contribution to the welfare of the community are the guiding principles to our corporate social responsibility programme that we are adopting.”

The Doha Ritz-Carlton  has been working with QRC in several charitable activities; such as helping in fundraising by having QRC donation boxes put in the main lobby, providing meals for workers in Ramadan, and organising several events such as “A day without Tobacco “ which aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of smoking.


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