Prizes galore at exchange firm draw

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Prizes galore at exchange firm draw Officials pick the winning entries at the Qatar UAE Exchange draw.
1:25 AM

The Qatar UAE Exchange recently conducted the first draw of its ‘Summer Surprize’ promotion.

Two Massaki Pearl necklaces studded with diamonds, eight Mediacom karaoke sets, hundred gold coins of 3g each and 50 Popeye gift vouchers of QR100 each were given away to the winners.

Customers of Qatar UAE Exchange can make a remittance transaction at any of the branches and get a chance to win 318 prizes. The promotion is valid until October 2 with the final draw on October 3.

The first draw was held under the supervision of Khaled al-Mansoori, inspector from the Ministry of Business and Trade.

Qatar UAE Exchange general manager Edison Fernandez, marketing head Raju Ramachandran, operations head Murali S Potty, and public relations officer Syed Ibrahim Qadri were present.


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