Emir praises role of Qatar diplomats

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Emir praises role of Qatar diplomats HH the Emir, HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister and HE the Foreign Minister attend the meeting.
12:37 AM


HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani yesterday praised the efforts of Qatar’s diplomats abroad in strengthening relations and co-operation with nations around the world.
Inaugurating the first annual meeting of heads of diplomatic, consular and representation missions of Qatar at Sheraton Doha Hotel, the Emir also urged the diplomats to step up efforts for the protection, care and interests of the state and its citizens abroad.
He told them to work to overcome obstacles faced by the citizens and to meet their needs.
The Emir wished Qatar’s representatives success in the tasks assigned to them.
The opening session was attended by HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani and HE the Foreign Minister Dr Khalid bin Mohamed al-Attiyah.
The foreign minister spoke of the modern renaissance taking place in Qatar in various fields as well as the need to deal with the regional and international events and developments and their consequences.
“Qatar enjoys a prestigious status at the local, regional and international levels that imposes a heavy responsibility on us. This requires us to move forward in a positive way,” al-Attiyah said.
He said the meeting was a key component of the responsibilities of the diplomatic missions abroad which are to be carried out in accordance with the aspirations and ambitions of the wise leadership.
The foreign ministry is in the process of developing and modernising its work to keep pace with the era of innovation, the minister said.
The meeting also provides an opportunity for the heads of diplomatic missions to interact with each other and meet officials in other government bodies in the state to co-ordinate work and to remove any obstacles that may hinder the interests of the country, al-Attiyah added.
The conference aims to strengthen the role of the ministry in promoting the tasks assigned to it in the context of the implementation of the state’s foreign policy and upgrading it to the levels that meet the aspirations of the state in promoting international relations and in developing the methods and procedures to respond to them through modern diplomatic methods.
Such methods should have solid pillars in order to provide the state with ways and means of dealing with the challenges and changes taking place within the international community in a manner that preserves national interests and strengthen the interaction and co-ordination between the ministry’s headquarters and the diplomatic, consular and representation missions.

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